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I’m a blogger, media specialist, and most importantly… mother of two! I operate my own business, Media Maven, specializing in media relations, video production, writing, blogging, and event & on-air hosting.

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5 Ways to Stay Safe Online

I’m on my phone, laptop, and desktop a lot. I run my own public relations firm and moonlight as a lifestyle blogger, so I’m always connected. For me, it’s very important to stay safe online. As my kids get older, I will be all over parental controls...

How To Use A Neti Pot

A neti pot is used for nasal irrigation which flushes out your nasal activity with a saline solution. This is a home ready that is less popular in Western countries but is fairly common in India and South Asia. There are a lot of benefits in using...

How do you Get Rid of Hiccups

We can all agree that hiccups suck and they are a major annoyance, especially when you have something important to do that requires focus and undivided attention. Imagine going to a job interview and pause a couple of times while answering questions because of uncontrollable hiccups you...